Apr 24, 2009

Arugula out the Ears

What do you do when you have Arugula growing like crazy in your garden? (I must have some freaky microclimate, perfect for this member of the Brassicaceae family, in my backyard).

You. Make. Pesto.

The first photo was taken after I was DONE! So I gave some away, ate some in a salad, and then started sauteeing the rest with garlic and olive oil. Yum.

Arugula Pesto (Nut and dairy free)

A BUNCH of Arugula*
A BUNCH of Spinach
A bunch of cloves of garlic
Some salt
Some olive oil (enough to get it to all blend together)
A little water (for the same reason as above)


I warmed it on the stove on low to get it all nice and um, nice. Then froze it in '1 family meal' portions. The spice of the Arugula makes me forget all about the Pine Nuts and Parmesan!

I've tried this recipe with Cilantro, too. The kids loved both kinds!

*You can even eat the flowers! They're slightly sweet, slightly spicy.

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  1. I am way impressed...and jealous that I don't do this...and sad that I don't live nearby so that I could live off of your excess:) You go girl!