Oct 29, 2009

I do love Freecycle.

So a couple of weekends ago, I randomly remembered a stack of plywood and siding pieces left over from building our chicken coop in March. They've just been sitting behind the fence on one side of the house since then. Gulp. It's been months.

Anyway, I hopped on Freecycle and got rid of the whole pile in about 30 minutes - someone else wanted the scraps to build a house for a duck she was planning to get.

But today - someone gave us a Toddler Bed! I had checked Freecycle but there were no toddler beds posted. So then I went over to Craigslist and planned to buy a used one. But I had posted a 'want ad' on Freecycle. Meanwhile, someone saw the post, had a toddler bed not being used and called me up.

The kids and I picked it up today. It's very cute - white metal - and Sissy loves it. She pretended to go take a nap and then would wake up and say,  "It's MORNING! I waked up!" several times in a row.

Thanks Freecycle! Thanks Kelly!

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