Jun 9, 2005

My Bag

Here's a sketch from my class Tuesday night. Hmm, I'm going to love this class!


  1. is that your blue blag?? What warm fuzzy memories. I love it.

    What's that claw-looking thing sticking out of the top of it?

  2. That's actually the top part of my water bottle. It's got a big plastic loop on its top end. That's what you're seeing.

    The bag is green! I need one slightly larger, so I could use it as a baby bag. So far, I haven't been able to find one.

  3. hi there

    class - lucky you!

    great job on the bag... think i carried a baby bag for 8 years or at least is seemed like that :)

  4. EIGHT YEARS! My goodness...but yah, I can see that happening! Thanks for your comments.

  5. Briggi10:09 PM

    Dani, what an awesome drawing. You are getting better all the time.
    Remember the little girl you drew in 93 in the trailer at the beach, well I took it out of the trailer and I am sending it to you.

    Lovwe Mom

  6. So, I know that this was posted AGES ago but I have just posted my bag challenge and found yours on the Links page. Very nice sketch indeed. Pity couldn't see it enlarged.