Nov 18, 2009

Art Class - December 2nd!

Phew! I made it through another month of art classes! I have really enjoyed teaching these classes...the average age of my student is 2 and a half! I'm so thankful for the moms - they stay, they help out, they are so patient with me.

Here's a shout out to Rosemary and Lynne who helped so much the first month. And to Laura, for washing my daughter's hands when I'm preoccupied with another student. And to Emily for the idea in the first place. And all the encouragement. And for renting such a great space to me to make it possible.

Actually, I'm proud of myself for doing this class. Let me explain.

I mostly live in fear. I am afraid of a lot of things. Things I've never done before, but also things I've done a million times...just not lately.

So, I'd always wanted to do an art class or art group (like a playgroup) for kids, but never had the guts to actually make it happen. But the Lord and I have been talking about some of this stuff lately, and ever since my friend Heather died, I've been feeling that her legacy to me is a reminder to really live life and to just be who God made me to be. That's what I saw in her - and I want to be like that.

So when Emily encouraged me, and I really wanted to do it but was scared, and Rosemary was cool with helping, and thinking about Heather and how she probably would've told me how great she thought it was that I would try something like this, well, there you go.

Now, I won't say I don't still feel scared. Scared of the parents. (So silly, they're just PEOPLE.) Scared my projects will flop (some of them have, but I'm not sure anyone but me noticed). Scared that my kids will freak out during class (they haven't, they've been just great). Scared that enough people won't sign up next month (no big deal, I didn't have enough in October and it didn't kill me).

But it feels really good to try something new, to enjoy it, to meet new people, to see these kids create without any preconceived notion that 'they can't do it'. So thanks, friends, for all your help. Thanks Lord, for making me the way you did. Thanks Heather, for your legacy in my life.

It's a good day.

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  1. Daniela, you are such an inspiration to me. I'm glad you did it. You are amazing. So many little artists are being sprouted in your class. To God be the glory.