Nov 18, 2009

Fearbusters Anonymous

So I invented this one person support group back around 1999 or 2000. It was called Fearbusters Anonymous (which doesn't make a whole lot of sense when I think about it) but it was my way of being intentional about overcoming some fears in my life.

I tend to be a fearful person.

I remember making a list and then going down and trying to check something off each week. I HAD to do at least one thing a week.

Here are a few I remember:
Give blood.
Go out to eat alone.
Go to a play alone.
Ask a boy out.
Climb Mt. St. Helens

Okay, so obviously I was single then and scared of things that looking back, don't seem all that scary.

Anyway, it's time to revive Fearbusters!

Here are a few things I've done lately:

Take my cards into a card shop and ask them to consider carrying them.
Get a pedicure. (Okay, really not scary, but I'd not done it before therefore it IS scary.)
Start an art class for kids.
Ask for a free goodie at Starbucks.
Cook for other people on a monthly basis by joining a soup swap.

I think I'm just tired of letting fear be such a defining element in my life. It gets old. Do you ever feel like that? If I live inside of my fears, pretty soon my 'safe' area is going to be smaller and smaller. Pretty soon, I won't be leaving the house or talking to anyone! So, fear-busting is where it's at for me. It's a tangible reminder that the Lord walks with me. That I am an adult and can handle what life throws at me with His help.

Let me know if you want to join. I'll send you a membership card!

1 comment:

  1. I think you have beautiful feet. Even before the pedicure.
    You go girl!

    Can i get a FBA card? laminated?