Nov 4, 2009

TRIAMBLE - An Heirloom

I finally took a picture of my one and only pumpkin (triamble) !
Here it is, all 12 pounds of it.
Perfect for Halloween - they're so ghoulishy-green.

I got the original seeds from my friend, Novella, over at Ghost Town Farm.

I plan to plant these babies in the front yard next Spring. We hang out mostly in the back yard and the vines pretty much took over back there. They'll have more room in the front.

This is what my front yard will look like.

I noticed something great about this pumpkin variety: It didn't seem bothered by squash bugs. After my trying and emotional summer with the squash bug invasion last year, this is a good thing.

They're supposed to be great for eating - I'll let you know - I've got some roasting right now!

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