Feb 9, 2010

A Gardening we will Go

Caught myself working in my garden wearing my ratty, old, red, fuzzy slippers again! I just went outside to LOOK. But then, I couldn't resist a little digging, a little checking of the garlic, a little collecting of obnoxious ponderosa pine needles, a little hoeing.

I came across this after I came inside. It's from:
Home Vegetable Gardening, A Complete And Practical Guide To The 
Planting And Care Of All Vegetables, Fruits And Berries Worth 
Growing For Home Use by F. F. Rockwell (1884-1976)

'And this brings us to the third, and what may be the most important
reason why you should garden. It is the cheapest, healthiest, keenest
pleasure there is. Give me a sunny garden patch in the golden
springtime, when the trees are picking out their new gowns, in all the
various self-colored delicate grays and greens--strange how beautiful
they are, in the same old unchanging styles, isn't it?--give me seeds
to watch as they find the light, plants to tend as they take hold in
the fine, loose, rich soil, and you may have the other sports. And when
you have grown tired of their monotony, come back in summer to even the
smallest garden, and you will find in it, every day, a new problem to
be solved, a new campaign to be carried out, a new victory to win.'

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