Feb 27, 2011

kinderdoodle: idea 6 : archive kid art

E., age 4, multimedia collage
My son loves drawing planes. There are planes all over the place - dozens and dozens. How do I encourage the time and creativity without turning our home into a library archive of 100 versions of the same plane?
Today's idea: Photo Archive your KidArt! In other words, take a picture of your kiddo WITH their piece of art.

By taking a photo of my child with his art, I can see little Mr. Plane Designer growing WITH his artwork. Then I might be able to get away with throwing away a few of the originals (I'll keep a few choice pieces)! Of course, now I'll have to come up with a way to organize all those digital photos...

My mom always wrote the date and my age on my artwork...so this is a new-fangled version of that tradition (Thanks, Mom!).

1 comment:

  1. Great idea!! Darren has been taking pics of wes's school/artwork and storing them in evernote. Hadn't thought of adding the kid to the photo!