Mar 1, 2011

kinderdoodle : idea 7 : playclay tool box

A couple of weeks ago I shared my favorite homemade playclay recipe. I thought I'd share my idea for making playdough even more fun! I've collected a box of various and sundry things we use when playing with playdough. Here are some essentials:

rolling pins (a cut and sanded dowel rod)
cookie cutters (happen to be Pampered Chef, only because I never use them when really baking)
little figurines of animals, dinosaurs, robots, plants (to build scenes)
things that make interesting patterns or imprints (a comb, popsicle sticks, textured objects)
plastic easter eggs (fill these up with playdough or use them for cutting moon shapes)
garlic press (to make squiggly worms or 'hair')
plastic knives (be careful, some of these can be sharp for little fingers)
plastic scissors (without metal strips)
interesting old toy parts (like shape sorter pieces)

So, get collecting, make some dough and have some fun!

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