Jan 22, 2013

how to e-publish : step 2

So, I'm really doing this thing! One friend kindly chastised me for setting the bar low when I wrote, "I said I was going to publish a book. I never said it would be any good."

I'm done with that talk.

This book is going to be totally awesome.

[Which means 'really cool', for those of you who were not in middle school in the 80's.]

This week I achieved step 2. And possibly step 3. But I'll tell you about that later.

Step 2a) Set a tentative deadline.

Step 2b) Make a list of all the things you know you have to do.

This list may include things like, 'find out all the things I have to do' and 'freak out because as you go along you realize you forgot about 10 things, like the existence of ISBN numbers' and 'freak out some more as you look for the first draft you wrote, on a tiny piece of paper, which you can't find.

after looking...

for a long time...'

As you can see, my list is extremely organized, concise and clear.

We've officially started! (And if you haven't, maybe you should consider it!)

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