Jan 21, 2013

Paint Like a Master: ANGELICO

S., Age 6
This week in class we talked about Fra Giovanni Angelico - a brother (like a monk) with some serious gold leaf skills.

I couldn't find any gold leaf at Target last night, so we improvised with aluminum foil. (Again, inspired by Discovering Great Artists.)

I don't have a whole lot to say about this project, as my 2 year old starting puking in the nursery right before we started! So, I will just share a few snapshots of some of my students' work...

M., Age 6
J., Age 6
I wanted to pick something relatively easy to draw so the kids could spend more time with cutting and gluing the foil to their artwork. We also skipped the paints I brought for accents this week - to make everything quicker and simpler for the mommies helping out while I tended the aforementioned puking baby.

One thing I really liked about this week's project was that the robot theme was a big hit with the boys!

One little guy said, "I'm going to take this home and work on it all day until it's done!"

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