Mar 25, 2013

playclay earth!

One of the things I really enjoy about Classical Conversations is that it encourages me to homeschool on topics that I might be tempted to skip. Like earth science. It seems crazy to me that a science major would be so apt to skip these all important subjects! I think it's the MOM in me that skips science though - who needs another mess to clean up?


[Crickets chirping in background.]

That's what I thought.

As I was saying, the fact that my kids get to learn about different science topics and do hands-on experiments each week is a huge bonus.

This semester we are working on earth science. Time to learn about the layers of the earth! Each kiddo got to make their own earth complete with inner core, outer core, mantle, crust and hydrosphere! It was a fun class, as you can see.

I definitely liked that this project was very tactile. Everyone learns in different ways, so I hope these helped the layers of the earth 'stick' in their little brains.

For next time: I think it would've worked better with more contrasting colors of playclay. Also, I used homemade - which was a great consistency but the colors were too similar and tended to run together.

Not surprisingly, there was quite a bit of earth-mashing going on during this science project. I'm surprised some of these globes turned out even remotely spherical!

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