Oct 2, 2014

September Art Project / day twenty-nine and thirty

I wish, wish, wish I had more time to create everyday. I really do.

It's been a month! I'm very glad I took on this challenge of 30 projects in 30 days and I learned a few things. 1) It's okay to have an idea that looks cool in your head and have it come out looking like c.r.u.d. 2) It's challenging to make the time to do something artistic every day. It got easier but it wasn't easy. 3) It's okay to not give up after missing a day. Rather than be perfectionistic and feel like I had to quit, I just jumped back in when I could. It felt good to have a little grace toward myself. 4) Trying some new mediums (specifically watercolor and gouache) was fun and now I don't feel so tied to what has felt comfy in the past.

So these two photos are one project over a couple of days - an ode to my art supplies.

Not sure what October holds. Hubby encouraged me to keep going. We shall see!

[illustrationfriday "WISH"]

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  1. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I want to print and frame this. Or print a canvas.