Jun 7, 2005

Finally did it.

I did it. I. Did. It!

I finally signed up for a drawing class. Why is this such an amazing, stupdendous, splendiferous event? Because, silly, it's something I've wanted to do for at least 14 years. Fourteen. FOURTEEN! And I never had/have/did. Oh, in college, it didn't 'fit my schedule'. Good thing I got a degree I never use and never took what I really WANTED. I'm so sure.

I've got my paper. I've got my pencils. I've got my eraser. I've got my book. Wow.

The boys are staying home. Hope they have fun... What am I saying? I hope I have fun!

*round of applause*

*blush* Thanks. I knew you'd be proud of me.

1 comment:

  1. we are so proud of you! Maybe I'll finally take a writing class...or a yoga class...or a cheese-eating class. Since I like all those things but haven't been very sucessful at any of them.