Jun 9, 2005

Illustration Friday : Digital

This weeks theme (Digital) made me think of my dad's alarm clock when I was growing up. It was PRE-digital. It had these little cards (for lack of a better word) and when the minutes would change, the top half of the number would flip down, exposing a new number. I always thought it was so stinkin' cool. I loved when you had to change the time and could watch all these little cards flipping feverishly while you turned the dial. It was cool. Very. Cool.

Below is my 'digital' illustration. {And here is where I've taken out a self-deprecating comment.} I like that the numbers turned out a little bleary/bluzzy/blurry. That's exactly how it LOOKS in the morning, too!

[Ink snazzed with Illustrator.] Now that you mention it, it appears that my alarm clock is floating in space.


  1. Yeah, those "card clocks" were so cool. Great illustration!

  2. Hi, thanks for your question.
    My backgrounds are usually cool wall papers I've spotted here and there. For example, the pattern I used for my 'digital' background is a wall paper from my grandma's house.
    I often take pictures of interesting patterns with digi-camera and then make them into brushes in photoshop.

  3. Brian Byers4:35 PM

    I hate alarm clocks. Unless it's on radio and they're playing something good when the alarm goes off. But then i just incorporate the song into my dream and then keep dreaming and sleeping and then...Holy snot! I'm almost late for work and have to take a 3.5 second shower and shave only half the face and hope nobody notices. And drive to work chugging coffee and eating a banana then at 9 or 10 am i'm so hungry and go searching the office halls for food, but find nothing and end up eating my lunch early and then have nothing for lunch only to leave me starving again by about 2:47pm and so i eat the apple i was saving for 5pm... Then i'm famished and dazed by the time i get home from work only to find that my dear wife had a rough day with the baby - so daddy get's to cook dinner, but the meat has to defrost first, so then we're eating at like 7:00pm. Then the baby goes to bed right after that and then someones gotta clean up, by that time it's 10pm and I'm starving again for something to eat. Rummage through the kitchen till i settle on a bowl of cereal - meanwhile the wifey is gettin' ready for bed and is falling asleep just as i'm gettin' my second wind, so i stay up for a few minutes or so and end up going to be later than i should've - and the alarm clock is doing it's thing again way sooner than expected, but it's a good song so i just incorporated it into my dream and it starts all over again.

  4. Turns out that my own dad, whose alarm clock I remember as being the coolest ever, doesn't even remember it!