Jul 12, 2005

My Kitchen Table & A Power Drill

Here's a sketch of my kitchen table from Sunday morning. I left the level and drill there the day before after putting up a shelf in Bubby's room. For Shame! I have a nasty habit of leaving things lying about.

I'm not that happy with the perspective in this drawing. It looks to me like the viewer is looking DOWN on the objects when actually my perspective was at a much shallower angle. It just didn't come out in the drawing. Hmmm.

Anyway, this should fit the Every Day Matters Challenge #? 'Draw a favorite tool'. What's better than a power drill?! NOTHING!


  1. After the three hurricanes last year, my Dad bought us a cordless power drill. Long live the power drills. :) Great sketch!

  2. Great drawing, Im with you on hte power drill thing.We have 3 at home and I have my own at work. Great tool.

  3. I like power drills, too -- big ones, little ones, electric ones, cordless ones ... Nice work on the drawing!

  4. I really like how you DID have us looking down on your tools....Like the Tool God is approving. I had a similer experience with one of my city drawings....I began the canope rectangle....got discourged but then decided to continue on with the drawing anyway....turned out ok.