Nov 10, 2005


So, this is a post about made up words that I like to incorporate into my vocabulary. The newest I heard was 'Sweeteous' obviously a merging of Sweet! and Righteous! I like it. It's handy. I got this word from my brother & sister-in-law who heard it from a kid at their church.

Usage: You're driving into the grocery store parking lot, late for work. You really need to run in and buy some donuts, as you promised to bring them to your team's early morning meeting (which you're late for). As you pull in, someone pulls out of a parking spot...right by the door. "Sweeteous!"

Another word you can use here, although you have to say it really loudly is "Rockstar!" (Meaning, Rockstars often get preferential parking when you get to park near the front, you're a Rockstar. The parking spot is Rockstar. And the feeling you get as you run into the store is also Rockstar.) [If any of you know an actual Rockstar, could you ask them if they actually DO get preferential parking treatment? I don't personally know any real Rockstars.]

Another made up word that I really like is Buckstacy: the feeling you get when you find money you forgot you had. Usage: You're looking in your sock drawer for that particular pair of striped furry socks when you lay your hand on a $50 bill. You can't remember when/how that got there, but you yell, "Buckstacy!"


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  1. you forgot one very important word...or should I say CATEGORY of words. That was so not nicew.