Mar 8, 2011

Creative Locationing - Homeschool Style

I homeschool. Please don't ask me why. Some days I can't remember!

Today I thought I'd confess my creative locationing, when it comes to homeschool...because I like home, but sometimes I just have to get out of here.

Here are the places we've 'home'schooled.

Krispy Kreme
(Answer the ? of the day for a free doughnut, okay coffee)
Flying Star restaurant
(Best coffee, with refills, the hummus rocks)
Satellite Coffee
(Comfy couches, kids like the petit fours, great coffee)
Borders Cafe
(Books & Coffee. Need I say more?)
Starbucks, outdoors
(Nearby, kids like the fruit snacks, okay coffee)

[I'm noticing a theme here.]

Out Back [the yard, not the restaurant]
(especially in the summer, in the shade. It's fab.)
Honda Odyssey
(read literature from my iPad - it's like a mobile living room back there)

And today...

Living Room Fort
(built by kids - yeah team building skills!)

I need to see if I can fit under there; we've got some spelling to work on!

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