Sep 10, 2014

September Art Project / day eight / Memories of Omi

Purple Cone Flowers / Taos, NM
Here's a drawing of a spot Brian and I enjoyed in Taos, NM last month. We got a casita and enjoyed the views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the hiking and the hot tub! The backyard garden and water fountain were beautiful and relaxing.

I was sitting out back one morning when I saw that my Mom had called. These were the flowers I was looking at when my mom told me the very sad news of my Omi (German granny) having passed away. Omi would've loved this beautiful spot.

One thing I loved about Omi was her love for plants and growing things. She always had a long row of violets growing in the garden when I was a kid. And she showed me how to save seeds for the next year. This is something I still love to do. Danke, Omi! Ich vermisse Dich.
S., Me, Omi / June 2014

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