Sep 9, 2014

September Art Project / day nine

Just a quick watercolor in honor of the history sentence my kids are memorizing in Classical Conversations this week.

This is Day Nine of my September Art Project and I am slowly but surely running out of ideas of what to draw or paint. However, I persevere. Just like those colonists long ago.

Make sure you check out Carlye's work. She encouraged me to join her in 30 projects in 30 days.

That's pretty daunting considering how much time I don't think I have. So all my projects are small - 4" by 4" or so.

Let me know if you're joining us. I'd love to see what you create!

1 comment:

  1. Hey thanks for the mention friend. I'm liking that we get to do this together. Misery loves company, but apparently fun does too.